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succulents (by H is for Home)
 5915 26th May 2013
 5582 26th May 2013

Imagine spending all day at the beach with your boyfriend, your skin soaked up by the sun and then when it get’s a bit cooler you and him just lay on bed, still warm from the time at the beach and your hair still salty from the sea and you just fall asleep perfectly.
 348201 26th May 2013
 61594 26th May 2013
 23996 6th May 2013
 3413 6th May 2013

“You will be a part of me, and I will be a part of you.”

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 281373 15th April 2013

Carrie Tivador
 13064 15th April 2013

Maison Martin Margiela, F/W 2013 
 10921 8th April 2013